17 Apr

The Denial of Specialization: A Wide and Global Right


A very curious aspect of the emergence of Preventive Law and Horizontal Justice, not only as an alternative, but as the maximum common denominator, if not the present, the near future of Justice, is the inversion, in the case of lawyers, of the growing trend of specialization . Or the emergence of a new specialization in completely different ways, and very identical to the specialization in General Medicine (in fact, the Preventive Medicine metaphor is recurrent in the clarification sessions on this topic).

The fact is that, as we will see in more detail below, Preventive Law causes the professional to step back as far as possible in the timeline, in order to be able to structure the best solutions for the person who uses it. Now, this retreat makes it necessary to have a comprehensive view, however with solid foundations, about the whole Law. Practice will give you skills that, as all lawyers will surely have experienced, are more specific to these other branches of knowledge than to law.

But it is the curious idea of ​​this other way to specialization, and comfort that there will be room for them to now dubbed “Law of General Practitioners.”

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