17 Apr

The Specific Case of Lawyers: Light Gains


Reducing disputes means having more control over cases, because the more cases in court, the more external factors can interfere with the best solution for our client.

To reduce pending issues is also to have an almost absolute dominance of the agenda, which is not the case for lawyers who do not know any other than the Vertical Reactive Justice.

To privilege Preventive Law is also to respond more effectively to clients, to charge for speed rather than delay, and to decisively change the image of Lawyers in public opinion.

In addition, such a change presents itself as a (good) vicious cycle: if lawyers develop skills in what is their area of expertise par excellence, which is the same, that of Preventive Law, they will stop being visited only by people with problems, with deadlines, and will be visited by people who want to beware – more clients, each one spending less money (exponentially less money !!!) with the lawyer himself, and Preventive Law does not normally generate other expenses, which does not happen at all in Reactive Justice.

Thus, lawyers, and their clients, will clearly contribute to the country’s increased productivity, one of its biggest problems and weaknesses. Reactive Justice is the paradigm of low productivity, by nature, as mentioned above.

As mentioned above, the lawyer is exogenous to the process, so his “métier” is his office, not the court, just as his privileged field of action is not the application of law, but working with the real, with the facts.

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