17 Apr

Right On The Street




Let it be clear: “O Direito na Rua”, like “O Direito na Escola” and “O Direito na Teatro”, is not to see, it is to do.

And today, not next month. It is up to each of us, not a group, not a website, not a company.

Law at School:

Whoever read me in the past years, should know that the Law at School initiative has its remote origin in a personal habit: a few days before or after the Day of Saint Ivo, 19 May (but also at any other time, the request of the teachers) , I go to a school to be with the children and talk about law.

The method is usually simple: the teacher we know asks students in her classes to work out a question each, and then the conversation is like cherries. You spend hours there, listening and clarifying those doubts.

And all of them are so disconcerting, that, often, the theoretically “worst” classes are the most stimulating, generating very interesting discussions, the ones we hardly have in the day-to-day forum (never so authentic, at least).

This is usually my professional moment of the year, and each one that passes is more gratifying, now that I am going back in the ages of the children I speak to.

For some time now I thought to provoke colleagues so that each one (who wants and can) contact someone at the school of their residence or professional home (parish, parish, municipality), and do this: schools have pedagogical autonomy, the initiative it is good (in the sense that it has pure bonomony, without any kind of obscure interest), it does not involve any kind of protagonism or “show-off”. And it belongs to each jurist.

Os juristas que resolvam promover a sua própria visita elaboram depois um texto sobre a sua experiência, e enviam-no para um dos meus mails privados (pode ser o pedro@portolegal.com ), para que se possa agregar e publicar a experiência. A divulgação da mesma fará com que outras escolas tomem iniciativa idêntica.

If I contact 30 colleagues (lawyers, judges, lawyers….), And each of them talks to another 2, we are already 91, just to start…

I take the opportunity to ask the good offices of colleagues who do not want to do it for you, trying to involve other colleagues who consider having a profile for this (lawyers, solicitors, magistrates, notaries, conservatives …), so that each one promotes his initiative, to the extent possible.

The future consequences of creating a healthy habit like this can be very interesting, but at least maybe we will stop leading it with so much civic ignorance.

Gradually, the thing is to extend to other ages, so be written the play that we have prepared for various ages, from children to the end of high school.

It was not said, but it is obvious that the local OA Delegations can, and I think they should, join this initiative, so that colleagues can spread the idea to them.

The “Law at School” costs zero cents, considering that the pleasure that each colleague who joins will take will certainly cause a surplus in your soul.

So, colleagues, let’s go to this?

Law in Theater:

A model play is being written that will serve as the basis for representations at the various levels of education, which can be freely adapted by the responsible “directors”,

in schools or communities.

There are only two requirements: mention of the origin of the initiative, and its subsequent public report, for publication here and elsewhere.


The essential thing is not to waste time – as is usual with lawyers – to chew the idea, to measure the pros and cons, etc., etc.

There are no cons, believe me.

Only those who have a passion for law will advance, and passion does things by itself.

Then let the passion work, and bring us news in the coming weeks.

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