17 Apr

Timeline: Moment 1 – The Person


As already mentioned above, the Preventive Law movement is usually backwards, if we consider it in its absolute usefulness.

This takes us to a starting point, clean, almost empty, where we have to consider only the person, in his nakedness. At this point, law is just one more branch of knowledge, among many others.

As mentioned above, in the example of the Youth Peer Courts, the conflict, or the absence of it, or, even better, the way of dealing with it, is essentially a question of citizenship, a question of education, a cultural question.

That is why the first point in the Preventive Law timeline can only be the formation of the person, summoning all the professions that deal with him (priests, doctors, teachers). Also called here are all branches of knowledge, from Philosophy to Medicine, from the Right to Theology, etc., etc.

The Lawyer, at this stage, has a marginal utility, although he has it, and in a fundamental point: the Lawyer is the professional who knows the manifestations of conflicts, and therefore knows, better than any other professional, the ways to avoid them, not least because the other professionals who deal with conflict, most of the time, cannot be consulted (magistrates, for example). You know or should know, because, as we will see in point 15, Preventive Law cannot be worked in a frivolous way, as it requires its own skills and knowledge, and not all lawyers have them.

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