17 Apr

Timeline: Moment 2 – Prevention in Their Sense


This is the phase of “I haven’t acted yet, and I would like to know what to do in order not to have problems”, that is, the person has not yet taken any steps (here it is important to distinguish between preventive and negligent action, here we are only dealing with that , as this could only take place at one of the 3 in the timeline, onwards).

It calls for a lot of psychology, a discipline that must be part of any future Preventive Law course.

Most of the time, the lawyer (and at this stage, only the lawyer is summoned, that is, it is his job, par excellence) does a double exercise: transporting oneself to the heads of the characters who can cross paths with their client, in the near or distant future, and perspective the whole Law in a broad way, without prejudice to “going down” to some more specific branches (for example, if you are planning the insurance that the customer should take; if it is a future home purchase; a job perspective, etc.).

The lawyer should not be confused with the distant position of the problem, or with the great breadth of knowledge he summons: at this stage, there are considerations that should go into detail, for example, what a person eats or wears, the habits he has at night, and always, their way of being, their moods, etc., etc. Both from our client, as well as from the characters who will come across him on the way.

This is Prevention in the proper sense, or pure,

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