17 Apr

Timeline: Moment 3 – Prevention Less Own


“I did this, but I liked to prepare myself to avoid that”. Now, whoever tells the lawyer (again, the practically exclusive professional of this moment in the timeline) that he has already done something, clearly forces him to a process of retreat, a retreat to the moment when that person practiced a certain act. This movement is not typical in Prevention, which is why we call this moment “prevention in a less proper sense”.

As we move forward in the timeline, we will see that the weighting range is restricted.

Now, at this stage there is still no conflict, but, as there was really an act without prevention (which does not mean that it was a person’s mistake, because there are insignificant acts, which do not limit the way in which he or his lawyer), the lawyer should already consider it.

It is also at this stage that control over illicit prosecutors (and their demotivation), or over the limits of action of certain activities that flourish in the vicinity of the law, is most useful.

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