17 Apr

Timeline: Moment 5 – Current Conflict


And conflict arises. At the present time, this is the field of action of Preventive Law, not par excellence, but due to disability. In other words, people have their mental scheme totally oriented towards Reactive Vertical Justice. Most of them, therefore, only “react” when the conflict has already broken out.

This is therefore a fertile ground for the “evangelization” of prevention in law, either by clarifying people about what they could have done or not, or by referring them to alternative means of resolving conflicts, where it is clear that mediation and arbitration.

One of the alternative means of resolving conflicts should be the lawyers’ own office. In fact, even in this almost terminal phase of the timeline, lawyers can be the only professionals and avoid exposing the conflict, encouraging the parties to resolve the matter with each other, with the help of their representatives – the mediator and the arbitrator. they are already external risk factors.

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